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Glow Up

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Adam Sweeney
Adam Sweeney
Code is fun. Sharing is caring.

Here’s a quick post to highlight the site’s new look. I am now using blowfish. My previous theme was great for getting up and running. But I wanted more user-facing and under-the-hood functionality.

Some new things you’ll notice right away are: fancy graphics, a persistent menu when reading longer posts, a toggle to switch from light to dark mode, and the articles can now be shared. I plan on making more tech interview prep posts. Those posts will now be organized into a series.

Behind the scenes, I gain new knobs to tweak and much simpler extensibility. The look is still a work in progress, but the changes will be more subtle.

Now that this transition is complete, I’m excited to get back to writing!


Photo by dadalan real on Unsplash.